Panther Quant Genesis Key NFT — Mint.. Hold.. & Win $200,000 in USDT!


Panther Quant’s Genesis Key NFT Sales which was supposed to happen on June 5th, was postponed due to a Technical error.

After learning from the recent errors, We have bounced back stronger and Harder and with an ever more exciting NFT campaign to build our community stronger, bigger and better!
A strategic decision was made with the suggestions we received from our Partners & Advisors Sheesha Finance, to launch the NFTs on the Polygon chain taking into consideration the High ETH gas fees & Market conditions!

We are launching the Panther Quant Genesis Key NFT on POLYGON!

We are excited to bring to you one of the most exciting NFT Sales campaigns along with the biggest Community Giveaway by Panther Quant!!

MINT, HODL & WIN $200,000 in USDT!!!

2500 Genesis Key NFTs on Polygon

Mint Price — $200 (in MATIC)

Register for the Whitelist spot raffle for the Panther Quant Genesis Key on Premint —

Last Date to register — 18th June, 2022.

Also Panther Quant is now officially Powered by Polygon Studios!!

With this, we announce the last 24 hours to get registered for our Genesis Key #NFT Sales!

LAUNCHING THE BIGGEST COMMUNITY GIVEAWAY BY PANTHER QUANT — Giving Away $200,000 straight back to our Community!!

We will conduct a LIVESTREAM Lottery on the 20th day from the date of successful NFT Sale completion!!

ONE Lucky NFT Holder will get $50000 in USDT

TEN Lucky NFT Holders will get $5000 in USDT (each)

500 Lucky NFT Holders will get $200 in USDT (each)


On platform launch, All NFT Holders will get $200 in $PNTQ in their gas wallets for transactions!

BUY….HOLD …..AND WIN BIG…….!!!!!!

Important :

Only Holders who will hold the NFT for 20 days after the sales will be eligible for the LIVE LUCKY DRAW!

Since we are launching on POLYGON, the previous campaign is null & void.

All the holders of the previous NFTs will be Airdropped an NFT from Polygon chain as well as a new Free Mint for staying steady with us! You will also be given an ALPHA CARD which will be a special privilege card! We Love you!

The New NFT Campaign will have a New Whitelist and previous Whitelist will not be applicable anymore.

Golden Egg NFT Holders are automatically Whitelisted for the New NFT Sale.

Lucky Draw will be carried out on the Unique Token IDs of the Genesis Key NFTs.

About Panther Quant Genesis NFT
A unique collection of Panther Quant Genesis NFTs will serve as a Lifetime Access Card for the Platform.

· Gold
· Silver
· Bronze

How will the NFT holders benefit?
· Lifetime Access to Panther Quant as per the Tiers.
· Priority for “Allowlist” in Panther Quant token sale.
· Priority for getting Whitelisted on NFT collabs.
· NFT purchase amount in $PNTQ gas wallet for making transactions on the platform.
· Priority to Test the Beta as well as early access to test other features as and when they launch.
· Free Panther Quant Merchandise.
· Other Rewards and Perks.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Panther Quant is the First ever NFT Marketplace for trading strategies integrated with a Layer 2 Algorithmic Platform that will act as an aggregator across CEX/DEX/DeFi playfields.

The platform will use Artificial intelligence to analyse the real-time market sentiments and help the users hyper-optimize their trading strategies through Machine Learning.

For more info, visit: 🔗

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1st Algo-Trading platform for user to Make,Backtest & Optimize your strategies & sell as NFT | A.I for Sentiment Analysis | Flash Loan Arbitrage Trading & more.

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1st Algo-Trading platform for user to Make,Backtest & Optimize your strategies & sell as NFT | A.I for Sentiment Analysis | Flash Loan Arbitrage Trading & more.

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