Panther Quant and Kaizen Finance form a Strategic Partnership..

Also Jason Kidd joins the Advisory Board.

Panther Quant collaborates with revolutionary no-code cross chain platform Kaizen & onboards Crypto industry expert Jason Kidd as Advisor!

Panther Quant is pleased to announce the addition of Kaizen.Finance as their Strategic & Launch Partner. As Panther Quant continues to attract attention, a partnership with Kaizen Finance is an added asset to the project.

Kaizen is the first no-code cross-chain platform to launch and manage your token. Kaizen provides wide range of tools to create, bridge, protect, sale the token and support it through the whole lifetime.

“We are super excited to have Kaizen Finance as a Strategic Partner. They are a wonderful team to work with and we are looking towards a long term relationship which will help in mutual growth !” Manav Bajaj, Founder — Panther Quant.

Panther Quant will be raising $200K from Kaizen Finance platform in Presale and IDO. They have previously associated with many crypto projects. Some of them are Bulliverse, Plutonium, Artem, Achiefy, 11 Minutes NFT & many more.

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Along with Panther Quant’s Strategic Partnership with Kaizen Finance, Jason Kidd has also joined the Advisory Board of Panther Quant.

Jason is an Investment Banker, a Corporate Advisor and also an accomplished crypto advisor. He has been associated with many crypto projects including Scotty Beam, CyberWallet, HyperID, Bullieverse & many more. He is also the CBDO at Kaizen Finance.

“I am so excited to work alongside Panther Quant. Reason is simple: great team, promising product, AI brought to crypto to help destroy barrier to enter new industry & new instruments. Simply Amazing.” — Jason Kidd.

Panther Quant is thrilled to have Jason, and looks forward to achieving newer heights with this association.


Panther Quant is the First ever NFT Marketplace for trading strategies integrated with a Layer 2 Algorithmic Platform that will act as an aggregator across CEX/DEX/DeFi playfields. The platform will use Artificial intelligence to analyse the real time market sentiments and help the users hyper-optimize their trading strategies through Machine Learning.

The platform is set to launch the AI based Spot trading feature with the NFT Marketplace for Trading strategies for theBeta version in Quarter 2, 2022 and is set to become one of the most transformative platforms in the Web3, Crypto and NFT space.

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1st Algo-Trading platform for user to Make,Backtest & Optimize your strategies & sell as NFT | A.I for Sentiment Analysis | Flash Loan Arbitrage Trading & more.