How will Panther Quant use the “Sentiments” of the Crypto Market to Your Benefit ?

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Investor beginning their journey in trading are advised, not to get “emotionally” invested while trading. That advice comes in from years of experience of markets and understanding how the economy works. And of course, quantitative analysis has no room Sentiments. And all these things are applicable to crypto as well. But, despite all the advice, the market is driven by more and more retail traders looking to get in on the next bull run. It is dominated by investors and traders alike who are looking for the next big opportunity.

Often times, this opportunity represents itself extrinsically. Case in point — the whopping rise of the whole crypto market post the announcement of the first Bitcoin Futures ETF by ProShares. It has hardly been a week since its launch, and just look at Bitcoin go.

Bitcoin Price Rise, Source

Now, there are several reasons that can be given for this enormous rise. One of them is truly the fact that this move signals a wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Now, let’s look at another coin, DOGE (currently the 10th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap).

YTD Price of DOGE, Source

And what was the reason behind this? Elon Musk tweeting that Tesla might accept DOGE. This news itself led the DOGE community putting all their money in behind the coin, driving its value up.

Now, there is one factor that is pervasive in both these instances — the underlying community. The general crypto community is an extremely reactive organism. Once it senses that some “big” people are embracing cryptocurrency in some or the other way, it assumes that the heyday is here. And they put all their money in. Thus, these “emotional” investors (despite the best advice) are unable to stop themselves from driving the crypto market on basis of very limited information that they read/hear/see on different sources, thus letting their sentiments take the control.

While it is hard to conclude on the basis of these two observations that the crypto market is driven by Sentiments of the traders, it is certainly safe to assume so. Now that we have that out of the way, the question that any analytical trader would ask is — how can I use that information to my own benefit? They can do two things.

  • Look at historical data on who (or what event) has influenced the crypto market and how many times. Use that data to make predictions for the future and design their trading strategies accordingly.
  • Pick up on the prevailing trends in the market, consolidate all the information that they find and then use that data to craft their next most profitable trading strategy.

This is useful, no doubt. But the biggest problem is that there is too much information out there for a normal human mind to process and keep an eye on simultaneously, that too in a market that runs 24/7 all year. This means that they have to essentially give up everything else in life to be able to fetch and analyse the amount of overwhelming data that crypto space has to offer. Right?

Well, we are here to prove otherwise ! :)

What if someone else did the crypto sentiment analysis for you?

This industry moves fast. Terribly fast. Chances are that the moment you blink, something extraordinary happens and you miss making that fortune that you have been pining for. While keeping up with the news and the goings on of the industry is certainly helpful, there is only so much that you can keep up with. Also, even if you have collected the major information, you need to consolidate all that and analyze it. Now that is more tough than it seems. The market is too complex for an individual to make sense of it on their own.

This is where Panther Quant comes in.

Panther Quant is an algorithmic trading platform that aims to do everything that we’ve merely touched upon above and a lot more. It collects historical information about crypto market sentiment using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and provide actionable insights that can further enhance traders’ investment strategies. It scans for information on various online sources like CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, Twitter and most other social media platforms, analysis sites and news websites, and provides real-time data about the users’ chosen trading pairs.

This information can easily be used to better time the market and open profitable trading positions.

And that is not all.

Ever heard of an NFT of a Trading Strategy?

Chances are that you haven’t. And that is why we are here to change that perception. On Panther Quant, users have the ability to back-test and dry run their most profitable trading strategies. When they find a strategy that is the most successful, they can not only use it for themselves but also create an NFT of it to lease/sell it to fellow traders on the platform. This way, their trading strategies can easily be shared amongst various investors. And the creator of the strategy gets a much-deserved reward for being able to come up with the strategy.

The reason behind offering tokenization of trading strategy was to create a fully functional asset that had its intrinsic value being derived from its underlying nature. While most Non-fungible tokens are essentially ‘collectibles’, We, at Panther Quant wanted to focus more on the “Functional” aspect of an NFT.

And that is just one unique feature that Panther Quant offers to its users.

A Unique Algorithmic Trading Platform

We at Panther Quant have been focused on deriving as much actionable information as we possibly can from really unconventional sources. While to an everyday investor and/or trader, the sentiments of the crypto market might seem extremely volatile and reactive, the truth is that that is exactly what drives the market up and down. We don’t have centralized institutions that can flick their “magic” wand and raise/lower the rates to stimulate or de-stimulate the markets. We just have billions of different investors who are aiming to cash in on the next big opportunity.

Stay tuned as we provide actionable insights around the sentiments of the crypto market in the future.

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