We’re extremely excited about this investment that will help in the growth and development of Panther Quant Platform. It’s also great news for you, our community, as this funding will help us accelerate the Beta Launch of Panther Quant !!

Panther Quant in it’s First round of Partnership successfully raised…

Panther Quant is super excited to announce the Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule !

The $PNTQ tokens will be distributed as under :

Team — 15%
Marketing — 10%
Bounty — 10%
Advisors —06%
Foundation — 16%
Staking Rewards — 14%
Product Development — 10%
Partnership — 06%
Private/Presale — 03%
Public Sale #1 — 02%
Public sale #2…

Panther Quant intends to be one of the most transformative and cathartic experience in the Crypto space.

The Panther Quant team is proud to announce that $PNTQ is now listed on Now it is possible to keep an eye on our token on the world’s most popular cryptocurrency resource:

CoinMarketCap is the most trusted and watched listing site for cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

We are…

Panther Quant — $PNTQ : First highly revolutionary Algo-Trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain to use A.I. based Sentiment Analysis of the live Crypto Market is coming to guard your exposure in the crypto markets by providing actionable insights around crypto markets.

Panther Quant releases Lite-Paper : Explore…


1st Algo-Trading platform for user to Make,Backtest & Optimize your strategies & sell as NFT | A.I for Sentiment Analysis | Flash Loan Arbitrage Trading & more.

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